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A Great Software!
It was a pleasant surprise to see how accurately
1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
  Rita Sayles, Pharmatech  
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Multiple Licensing
1-2-3FileConvert offers multiple licensing to enable corporate, government, and academic organizations to receive significant discounts
by purchasing
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Make PDF files from Printable documents with 1-2-3File All to PDF

Convert DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML, and any other printable file format to PDF!

PDF Creator
Buy All To PDF All To PDF Free Trial

New & Upgraded version of 1-2-3File All to PDF has it all!

  Add-in is now also available for IE, besides the other Add-Ins available for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, that allow you to directly create PDF file within the specified applications.
New Display Options:
  This PDF Creator comes with Advanced Options like Page Mode, Zoom, Page Layout & various Display options like Show PDF Title, Hide menu bar and Hide Toolbar with a single click.
Easy to Access:
  You can access 123 File All to PDF in 4 different ways. Either you can click on the file which has to be converted into PDF; or give 'Print' command to print that file in PDF. You can also access the tool from Add-Ins or Drag & Drop the file on desktop icon.
Instant Merging of PDF files
  This option is used to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document instantly, just with a single click. You can select file, remove file or clear all according to your requirement. You can drag and drop particular files to rearrange their order.
PDF Files overlay is so easy::
  The new version of PDF creator enables you to create a PDF and overlay it with a single page PDF of your choice containing picture or textual elements.
Custom Compression Feature:
  Make most out of custom compression feature. With this feature, the user can convert PDF to Grayscale, convert to monochrome and customize monochrome fonts and images as required.
Convert Clipboard Data to PDF:
  A user can convert the Clipboard data which includes images and text into PDF file format. You can click on the clipboard entry under Start Menu as well as in Quick Launch.
  Cost effective way to change any printable file to PDF helps you to Make PDF file from any printable file by using simple visual printer. 1-2-3File All to PDF allows you to get benefit of PDF by transforming any printable file of any format to PDF format. The advantage of PDF file is that it is concise & free from virus which proves highly advantageous and adds to the suitability for sending forward through Internet via emails.
  What is the procedure to change your multi-format files into PDF has an easy procedure which enables the users to change multi format files into PDF. All they need to do is open the file that you need to change in PDF then click Print command. Select All to PDF printer from the list of printers. Click browse option and select a location to save the changed PDF then give it a suitable name. Now click "Convert", your selected printable file will get changed into PDF.

Features of PDF Creator

Advanced MS Word Add-In Options
  MS Word Add-In now supports options like Retaining comments and bookmarks. The new version preserves the document summary details too.
Advanced MS Excel Add-In Options
  The new version has advanced Add-In options enabling you converting your Excel files into PDF format by selecting from various options like Fit worksheets, Whole workbook and Retain Excel comments coming in PDF also.

  Create most attractive watermarks.
1.  Design watermarks for PDF files. These watermarks can be created by customizing of font, style, color, font size & rotation angle & text as per your choice.
2.  You can save your self-designed watermarks with 'Save Watermark' button. You can access these watermarks from the drop down menu 'Sample watermark'.
3.  Pre-Designed watermarks. If you want you can choose any of the pre-designed watermarks and personalize it in just no time.

1. Secure your PDF files with 40bit or 128bit encryption algorithms.
2. Password-Protect your PDF files. It allows you to save your files and prevent others to view them, edit them, print, copy and add comments to them.

Document Properties
  Set Document Properties such as Title, Author, Keywords and Subject to help systematize your documents.

  Set display properties (rotation style & rotation degree) for your document as per your own choice.

  This feature helps you to save the properties you have adjusted in Advanced Tab.
Load profile - With 'Load Profile' option, you can load your profile.
Delete profile - With 'Delete Profile', you can delete unnecessary profiles.
Save profile - With 'Save Profile', you can save your profile.

User Friendly
  The PDF writer is user friendly and creates PDF by just right clicking the mouse on the printable file that you want to convert. That is all you got to do to convert your files.

Performance Enhanced
  1-2-3 File All to PDF now works faster and better than ever before. It enables you to achieve more in less time. Quick and improved performance makes 1-2-3File All to PDF one of the best in its category.
  • Change any windows printable file to PDF
    123File All to PDF is a virtual printer which can change any windows printable file to Portable Document Format (PDF). It virtually transforms a printable file to PDF.

  • Easy to Use
    123File All to PDF is easy to use and the user need not require any training to use this application.

  • Easy solution to get files in portable document format
    1-2-3 File All to PDF is quite simple to use. Open your file to be changed to PDF & give 'Print' Command. Select this application '123File All to PDF' from the list of printers. Click on ‘Browse’ to select a location for saving the file. Click on 'Convert' option to save newly created PDF file at specified location.

  • Supports Acrobat Reader
    The converted PDF file supports Acrobat Reader & has text searchable too.

  • Can be used with many windows applications
    You can convert any windows printable file to PDF, i.e. the file that you want to convert to PDF must be printable on windows. Windows printable applications include Excel, Word, Photoshop, CAD, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Illustrator, HTML and others.

  • PDF is accurate
    The PDF file you obtain is the replica of the file which you have translated. There will be no change in its formatting, images, layout styles and fonts.

  • Sharing of files becomes easy with 'All to PDF'
    The application ‘All to PDF’ makes sharing of files easy. By converting your files to PDF, you get smaller-sized files. No special software program is needed by the recipient to view PDF files as these can be viewed with Acrobat Reader.
  Purchase the combo "1-2-3FileConvert + 1-2-3FileAllToPDF " for only $59.95 and save $10.  


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