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A Great Software!
It was a pleasant surprise to see how accurately
1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
  Rita Sayles, Pharmatech  
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Multiple Licensing
1-2-3FileConvert offers multiple licensing to enable corporate, government, and academic organizations to receive significant discounts
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Convert PDF to Word, Excel,
Image and Word to PDF

Convert PDF Files
Convert PDF to Word (Doc, RTF) and TXT
Convert PDF to Excel, Image and PS
Convert Scanned PDF into editable Word
Batch and Partial Conversion
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Overview of 123 File Convert

123 File Convert can convert a PDF file into text, Excel, Image and Postscript documents. These documents can be edited. The formatting of the original file is retained even after conversion and the layout, images, Text and tables remain intact. The software even allow the users to extract images like banners, logos etc. from the PDF file. Now, Scanned PDF files can also be converted to Word and Word files can be converted back to PDF.
S. No. Features 123FileConvert 123File PDF to Word
1. Price $39.95 $29.95
2. Convert PDF to Word (Doc, RTF)
3. Convert PDF to TXT
4. Convert PDF to Excel
5. Convert PDF to Images
6. Convert PDF to Postscript
7. Convert Word to PDF
8. Batch Conversion
9. Partial Conversion
10. Extract Images
11. Retain 100% format
12. Supports more than 5600 fonts
13. Multilingual Interface in 9 languages
14. 1 click conversion
15. Easy to use
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Powerful features of 1-2-3FileConvert - PDF Converter

Convert PDF into Text format
  The conversion tool enable the users to convert PDF documents into editable MS word .txt and (.doc or .rtf) and retain the original text layout and images with 1-2-3FileConvert. The software recognizes the paragraphs, tables, columns etc. and replicates the PDF documents to completely formatted MS word file.
Convert Scanned PDF into Word File
  1-2-3 File Convert empowers you with state of art OCR (Optical character recognition) feature that allow the users to convert PDF files into editable Word format. The document gets converted into flowing text format. You can have access to profitable information confined in a scanned or digital document effortlessly and cost-effectively.
Convert PDF to Excel
  1-2-3File Convert software also allows the users to convert the PDF files to Excel with minimal effort. The whole of PDF file would be converted into a single excel sheet for your ease. Multiple pages would be clearly separated by a single line and pages would be numbered precisely.
Convert PDF to Image
  It now comes with the advantage of converting PDF into image . Converting PDF to jpeg, bmp, png, tiff, pbm, pnm, ppm and pcx formats have been made really easy by PDF conversion Software. Individual image would be created for every page and stored in a specified folder for later use.
Conversion of PDF to Postscript
  With New and improved 123FIleConvert, conversion of PDF to Postscript can be achieved. It gives you the power of selecting and then realizing your output.
Extract images
  Extract images from PDF files. You can choose to have images in the same format as your original source images or select from popular formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PSD, PBM, PNM, and PPM.
Batch Conversion
  Convert multiple PDF files to any available format in a batch.
Partial Conversion
  The feature allows the user to select some specific pages to be converted into word format. So, if you have some huge documents, you need not to convert them in a single go.
Multi-lingual Interface
  Customize the interface language by selecting from 9 international languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
Personalize your interface
  You can personalize the interface of the PDF convertor with the help of a simple wizard interface (step-by step instructions) or the regular application interface.
  Highlights of the 123 File Convert
Retain formatting
    Retain formatting of your PDF files. Paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables and flow of columns are replicated by the PDF Converter in the Word document.  
  Handling of rotated page, text, images, and shapes  
    It retains the text, layout and images in the converted document by identifying rotated pages identical to the source document. Rotated images are replicated in a way that an image that appears vertical in the original PDF would appear vertical in the converted document. This feature proves to be highly useful when the PDF file to be converted is rich in images, charts, diagrams, and graphs etc.  
  Bookmarks and hyperlinks displayed  
    Even after conversion of documents into Word, the hyperlinks and bookmarks which you had in PDF will be displayed in the converted file. Additional info can be accessed by a user with these links and bookmarks provided.  
  SubScript& SuperScript  
    The superscript and subscript text that appears in source PDF file are accurately replicated in the converted document after conversion.  
  Column formation easily manageable  
    The tool mechanically keeps the position of text columns and lines, intact and this makes editing as well as formatting easy.  
  Column formation and optimization of lines  
    123 File convert capably preserves multi-column layout of text and page layout in the converted file as it is in the original. In converted Word doc, you can edit the text the way you wish to.  
  Smaller file size  
    Since smaller sized documents are easier to share and receive over the Internet, the software compresses the file size up to a significant extent to achieve smaller file size.  
  Master Password protected file's conversion  
    If there is a Master Password protected PDF file, 123File PDF to Word lets convert PDF to text, given you have knowledge of the password. Once you provide the password, the process of conversion continues.  
  Optimum System Resource utilization  
    123 File Convert utilizes the memory of your computer in an optimum manner so that other programs running on your computer function smoothly. It uses CPU, system memory and hard disk space and allows you to work on other programs while your document gets converted.  
  Well-formed and managed column formation  
    The software preserves the position of text columns and text lines making the editing process easier after the PDF file is converted to an editable format.  
  Optimized lines and column formation  
    In the converted document, the page layout and text that appears in multi-column form remains intact. This makes it easier for the user to edit the text in the converted file.  
  Supports more than 5400 fonts  
    123Fileconvert utilizes over 5400 fonts to find the one that matches with the font in the PDF file to be converted so as to make the output document look identical to the original file.  
  Underlined text  
    Underlined text is replicated as it was in the PDF document.  
  Drop Cap  
    Drop Cap is replicated as it was in the converted word document.  
  Embedded True Type font handling  
    Besides 5400+ fonts, 1-2-3FileConvert also handles True Type Fonts efficiently leaving almost negligible scope for text in the converted document that does not look identical to the text in source PDF file. Further, the software also manages symbolic fonts in a improved way.  
  Independent of MS WORD application  
    For installing PDF Converter, MS Word, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat are not required as it is a standalone program.  
  Personalize layout mode: Enhanced As Is, Formatted Text, Text only and Image only  
    Customize the layout mode of the output file by choosing from- 'flowing text', 'as is', 'formatted text' or 'text only'. These options allows you to carry out document conversions to obtain the converted document of better quality.  
  It's easy to get the output summary  
    To know the final output before initiating the conversion, you can get the summary.  
    For detailed instructions on how to use the software for best results, Help file is also provided alongside.  
Buy PDF Converter  
  Purchase the combo "1-2-3FileConvert + 1-2-3FileAllToPDF" for only $59.95 and save $10.  
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