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A Great Software!
It was a pleasant surprise to see how accurately
1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
  Rita Sayles, Pharmatech  
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Multiple Licensing
1-2-3FileConvert offers multiple licensing to enable corporate, government, and academic organizations to receive significant discounts
by purchasing
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PDF to Word, Word to PDF, and Batch Graphic Converter: $39.95

  Overview of 1-2-3File Convert Multiple File Converter
  1-2-3 File Convert is a desktop application that puts the power of document conversion and image formatting in your hands. You can convert PDF to Word, convert Word to PDF, and export images to a huge number of formats. The product is convenient to use as it allows you both – manual conversion and automated batch conversion.
  PDF to Word conversion with formatting intact
1-2-3FileConvert converts PDF files to Word documents with their original formatting intact. Graphics are also preserved and images can be extracted from documents. This is particularly helpful if you need to isolate elements like logos and banners.
  Easy-to-use wizard style interface for PDF to Word conversion
If you are a beginner, you can convert PDF files with the easy-to-use wizard style interface that guides you at every stage of the PDF to Word conversion process--whether it is PDF to Word conversion, word to PDF conversion, or exporting/converting images.
  Full technical support

Focused and customer-centric technical support is always at hand to deal with whatever problems you may have. Shoot a mail out to and your queries will be attended to promptly.

  Multi functional document and image conversion utility

3 powerful functionalities reside in this small product. Every professional who deals with the issues of PDF and word document conversion and the use of multiple-format images can benefit from the conversion and editing abilities of this software.


How does 1-2-3 File Convert actually work?


When you install 1-2-3FileConvert, a toolbar appears at the top with other regular toolbars of the Microsoft Word software. In case you fail to see the 1-2-3FileConvert toolbar, you can either access it through View > Toolbars > 1-2-3FileConvert Tool or will have to restart your PC.

  The 1-2-3 File Convert toolbar
  The 1-2-3FileConvert toolbar consists of 2 buttons: 1-2-3FileConvertImport PDF and 1-2-3FileConvertCreate PDF buttons.
  To convert Word to PDF:
  You need to click the 1-2-3FileConvertCreate PDF button. The Save As window appears. Now type the file name of your choice and specify the location where you want to save your converted document. The document-processing box appears for a short time.
Later, you can access the converted document from the location specified earlier.

Note: You cannot create Word to PDF through 1-2-3FileConvert wizard.
  To convert PDF to Word
The 1-2-3FileConvert Import PDF button lets you convert your PDF documents to Word. It also allows for combined file conversion The advantage is that you can combine more than one word document to create a single PDF document. Simply click the 1-2-3FileConvert Import PDF button and the 1-2-3FileConvert (PDF to Word Converter module) screen opens up. From here, you can browse and locate a PDF on your local system, specify preferences and convert the PDF to Word.

Since the 1-2-3FileConvert combines 3 important functions: Word to PDF, PDF to Word and exporting of images to different formats, we will deal with the highlights of each module in turn:
  Highlights of Word to PDF conversion:
  • You can set font size and style and change the color of text. Word to PDF supports 40 font styles
  • Change page orientation and select page size from 8 different sizes, set height and width of page, and adjust line spacing
  • Specify columns – either one or two columns
  • Option to hide tool bar and / or menu bar
  • Full screen option available to view the PDF document in full screen mode.
  • Set Title, Subject, Creator of PDF document
  • Allows compression and compresses resulting PDF file
  Read all about Word to PDF file conversion here: Convert Word to PDF
  Highlights of PDF to Word Conversion
  No re-formatting required – all original text, layout, tables and images are replicated exactly as present in the PDF file. PDF documents are converted into editable Microsoft Word documents
  • Converts PDF documents into Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) formats
  • Supports partial conversion. Convert the whole PDF file or specify a page range for conversion
  • Supports embedding of True Type Fonts
  • Matches text color, font size, and font style with Microsoft Word
  • Identifies and separates logos and banners within the Microsoft document- keeps document images safe

Read all about PDF to Word conversion here: Convert PDF to Word Documents

  Highlights of Image Conversion to different formats
  • Convert images to 30 formats with good, sharp results
  • Apply artistic effects like Gaussian Blur, Solarize, Raise, Border, Emboss, and Charcoal to images
  • Crop images, resize them, adjust brightness and contrast settings
  • Apply image transformations like Rotate, Flip, Scale, Crop, and Mirror to images
  • View images in full size, zoom in and out, change the background color of the work area
  • Maximize the application window to fit the entire screen
  • Apply batch conversion to images, exporting a number of images at a given time
  Read all about converting images here: Batch Convert Images
  Features of 1-2-3FileConvert PDF and Image Converter in more detail:
  1. Convert PDF to Word Documents
  2. Make PDF Files from Word Docs
  3. Batch Convert Images/Graphic Files
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