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1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
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Convert PDF to Word with 1-2-3 File PDF to Word

PDF to word

Introduction - PDF to Word Converter

Using this PDF to Word Converter tool, it becomes very easy to convert pdf to word doc. You can convert PDF files to Word, .rtf format in almost no time. The new PDF to ms word software has numerous capabilities. You can extract images, do file conversions in various languages, large files can be converted and select output format too. Instructions referred in the tool will lead you strategically to carry out the process of conversion at the best speed. Various features that you'll find in it are mentioned below.

  Features PDF Professional PDF Converter PDF Creator PDF to Word Word to PDF
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Convert PDF File
bullet Create PDF Files
bullet Edit PDF Files
bullet PDF to RTF Conversion
bullet PDF to Doc and Docx Conversion
bullet PDF to Excel Conversion
bullet PDF to Image Conversion
bullet PDF to Postscript Conversion
bullet Batch Convert PDF files
bullet Partial Conversion
bullet Extract images from PDF
bullet Retain 100% format
bullet Supports 5600 fonts
bullet 1-click conversion
bullet Easy to use
bullet PDF to TXT Conversion
bullet Word to PDF Conversion
bullet PDF Creation from any printable file
bullet 1-Click Batch Creation
bullet Merge multiple documents to one PDF
bullet Preserve Hyperlinks, Bookmarks & Comments
bullet Convert huge files to PDF
bullet Converts rotated text
bullet Sample Watermarks/ Stamping
bullet Secure PDF with Password Protection
bullet Customizable PDF Creation Quality
bullet Creation in PDF/A format

Features of PDF to Word Converter:

  Document Editing  
    The software gives you control and management of your documents in your hands with the automation functionality. After converting your documents, you can alter the text content the way you want. You do not have to end up struggling with formatting and editing options in Word for the required changes to be made.  
  Ability to reuse text  
    If at any point there is a need to use text again in the converted Word formatted document for presentations, you can simply do it by copying text from the new converted doc. After this, you can paste it in your Excel Sheet or Power Point presentation or any other file. Formatting of text would remain to be in its place without a trouble.  
  Handling rotated text, rotated page, rotated images & shapes  
    The software identifies the rotated pages & its contents and retains text, images and layout in the converted Word file as in original PDF file. If your text, shape or image is vertical in PDF, it will remain the same in your converted Word file. The feature is beneficial for file with graphs, charts etc.  
  Bookmarks & hyperlinks displayed  
    Even after converting your files to Word, the hyperlinks & bookmarks which you had in PDF file would be displayed as-it-is in the converted file. Additional information can be accessed by the users with these links & bookmarks provided.  
  SubScript & SuperScript  
    Superscript/subscript text will stay as it is in the new document.  
  Column formation manageable is easy.  
    The application keeps the arrangement of text lines & columns intact and it makes editing and formatting very easy.  
  Column formation & optimization of lines  
    123File PDF to Word preserves multicolumn text layout & page layout in the converted Word file exactly same as in the original. In converted Word file, you can modify the text in the way you want to.  
  Smaller file size  
    The tool reduces the file size further & makes the converted document of significantly low size. This feature enables the user to upload/download the converted document.  
  Replicating underlined content  
    In most of the cases, 123File PDF to Word replicates underlined content in PDF file in the converted file.  
  Drop Cap  
    123File PDF to Word can replicate Drop Cap as-it-is in the converted Word file, due to its unique coding.  
  Conversion of Master Password-protected file  
    If there is some Master Password-protected file in PDF, 123File PDF to Word facilitates you to make the conversion to Word, but you must know what the password is. Once you give the accurate password, the conversion process continues.  
  Optimum System Resource utilization  
    1-2-3File PDF to Word uses the computer memory in an optimum manner. It utilizes the hard disk space & CPU in an optimized way so that the user can work on other programs while the file gets converted.  
  Over 5600 fonts supported  
    This software has the ability to provide over 5600 fonts as an alternative in the new converted document. This helps in mirroring the original matter in converted version of document.  
  Capable handling of embedded True Type Font  
    123File PDF to Word capably handles True Type Fonts which is to ensure that replication process takes place at its best. Along with this, it can as well-manage and enhance symbolic fonts.  
  Independent of MS WORD application  
    1-2-3File PDF to Word software is a standalone program so the user does not require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or Acrobat Reader to install it.  
  Guest Users can access the program too!  
    After installation of the application has been successfully done, other guest users can also convert documents by accessing the tool  
  High Quality conversion with an array of features  
    A number of options for conversion ensure that you get high quality conversions. For the execution of super document conversions, it is the unique coding which enables it. Flowing text functionality helps in retaining font and style, document layout, apt image positioning and much more.  
  Choose from a range of other formats available  
    Select a format from options such as PSD, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPG and PCX to get images the way it is in the original file. Apart from this, three other file formats, PBM, PNM, and PPM for ‘Image Only’ images extraction could be used.  
  Formatting retention  
    You can retain the formatting of text labels, graphics, columns, tables and paragraphs in your converted document.  
  Image extraction  
    The software allows you to extract all the images from PDF file into converted Word document.  
  Conversion of text in multiple formats  
    Multiple PDF files could be converted into doc. or .rtf, and many other formats as well.  
  Batch conversion functionality  
    With this functionality, you can convert various batches of files into .rtf or Word, all at once.  
  Convert documents in 9 different languages  
    Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish are all of these languages into which conversion of documents into Word or .rtf format can be done.  
  Partially Convert your files  
    If you define specific pages, then only those would convert with the partial conversion feature. This means that it is not the entire file but some pages that you convert. For instance, you specify page number 1, 4, 8, and10. So the tool would convert content only on these page numbers.  
  Language customization  
    Make your language selection for the user interface from 10 international languages.  
  Customization of the interface  
    The PDF converter's interface can be customized by selecting a simple wizard interface or even the regular application interface.  
  Personalize the layout mode  
    You can customize the layout mode of the new converted file by opting from options such as 'as is', 'flowing text', 'text only, and 'formatted text'.  
  Fetching output summary with ease  
    To get little idea about the final output before you convert PDF to doc, you can get the summary.  
    After Converting PDF to word, you can edit the converted documents.  
    The Help file has detailed instructions/steps or some useful tips for reference.  
Buy PDF To Word  
  Purchase the combo "1-2-3FileConvert + 1-2-3FileAllToPDF " for only $59.95 and save $10.  
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